Cinema – a world of exaggerations; it’s cool yet acceptable to watch Peter Parker flying in the sky, Eric Bana expands when gets angry, and what not, something that cannot even possible in the real world. The world of entertainment is continuously introducing different graphical inserts to make the movie […]

There was a time when we had only one source of getting the news, it was the printed media i.e. newspapers and magazines. Newspapers were the only source that connected the world together. As time passed and we made progress in technology we then got digital media i.e. news channels. […]

In this lockdown situation all over the country people staying at home and spending time with their family. For teenagers and adults, this is the best time to watch your favorite series on Netflix. Many of us inspired by the characters on Netflix series due to their excellent acting skills […]

Fantasy and the magics are creating a unique atmosphere where our minds are going beyond the reach and let us breathe in the atmosphere of the fairylands and the fairy tales. Hollywood is the best place where you can explore fairytale movies and live in the imagination of the dream […]

Amidst the coronavirus, the only thing that kept most of us afloat was a good and stable internet connection that allowed us to connect virtually with our loved ones, stream entertaining content and update our social lives on platforms. Now that half the world is being vaccinated, and life (hopefully) […]

A quick look through any app store will easily show you that there are hundreds, if not thousands of weight loss apps. There are those that count your calories, those that give you exercise programs and those that notify you when to exercise. But, can any of them actually help […]

The world goes through many changes, and Mother Nature herself causes the majority. However, with the mushroom growth of the world’s population, things are changing a little more frequently than before. In the human world, fashion is one of those main factors that have taken over the people of trendsetters […]

The world’s best golfers draw crowds like no other, with thousands of spectators eager to see a glimpse of a tiny white ball disappearing at great speed 350 yards into the distance. Some are loved, others are players that golf fans love to hate. There are a lot of different […]

Anllela Sagra is a fitness model, bodybuilder, and trainer. she is known as the sexiest female in the fitness industry. Also, she is sponsored by 1Up Nutrition. Anllela Sagra Wikipedia: When Anllela Sagra was at her younger age she was the student of fashion designing and a fashion model but […]