A quick look through any app store will easily show you that there are hundreds, if not thousands of weight loss apps. There are those that count your calories, those that give you exercise programs and those that notify you when to exercise. But, can any of them actually help […]

The world goes through many changes, and Mother Nature herself causes the majority. However, with the mushroom growth of the world’s population, things are changing a little more frequently than before. In the human world, fashion is one of those main factors that have taken over the people of trendsetters […]

The world’s best golfers draw crowds like no other, with thousands of spectators eager to see a glimpse of a tiny white ball disappearing at great speed 350 yards into the distance. Some are loved, others are players that golf fans love to hate. There are a lot of different […]

Anllela Sagra is a fitness model, bodybuilder, and trainer. she is known as the sexiest female in the fitness industry. Also, she is sponsored by 1Up Nutrition. Anllela Sagra Wikipedia: When Anllela Sagra was at her younger age she was the student of fashion designing and a fashion model but […]

Bruna Lima Wikipedia – The most famous Instagram model and occasional fitness expert, Bruna Lima hot known for her swimsuit photos. Her goal is to motivate and inspire her fans. Bruna Lima Biography: Bruna Lima Bio – Bruna Rangel Lima was employed at a juice bar inside a local gym […]

You are committed to the gym and going regularly. Following the routine and not trying to find excuses to avoid your workout schedule; still not getting the results you wanted? Eventually, you’ll get bored and tired of the same routine and quit exercising altogether. To stay on track and earn […]

Who is Stephanie Sanzo? Stephanie Sanzo is a fitness model & personal trainer for people who are willing to balance their life and fitness. She is an Australian fitness celebrity & a personal trainer, Also famous as “Steph Fit Mum”. Stephanie Sanzo Biography: Stephanie Sanzo was born in 1987. When […]